Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Morning Academy, May I have your attention please? Thank you.

Today is Monday October 21, 2013

Today’s lunch options include:
Kung Pao Chicken
Spicy Empanada with green tomatillo sauce and cheese
Chili Fries
Turkey LT club

If the option you want is not available please choose a different option.

The periods today are 1-5.
Students, make sure that all electronics are off and put away.

Teachers, please check that you’re students are all uniform compliant.

A reminder: DO NOT RUN to the lunch line at the beginning of lunch.  Any students caught running to the line will receive a referral.

Re-take picture day is this Thursday. If you were absent on our first picture day you must take your picture this Thursday. 6th grade students who were absent will be taken their pictures during tutorial. 7th , 8th must come during  lunch to take their picture.  Thursday will also be the time for any students who did not like their picture to re-take it. This also applies to staff.

Attention 6th grade students: The wheel changes will take effect today. Go to your regular wheel class and your teacher will let you know which class to go to next.

Thank you and have a great Monday!

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