Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Good morning Academy! May I have your attention please?                       Thank You!

Today is Wednesday November 19, 2014

The periods today are 7, 5, 6, 1 and 2

Today's lunch options include:
Spicy Chicken
Chicken Patty
Beef Taco Salad 
Tuna Salad Sandwich or

Lost and found will be cleaned out today. Jackets with names will be returned everything else will be donated. 

Are you interested in trying out for basketball? Today is the first day  of girl's basketball tryouts open to all grades from 3:30-5:30 on the blacktop. Please listen for an announcement in the event that it is canceled due to the rain.

The B team will be playing in their first playoff game today at 4pm at the Alameda Point Gym. This game will determine whether or not they make it to the championship game tomorrow at the Encinal High. Be sure to come out and support the teams! Reminder B team players 2:30in the gym.

Thank you and will all 6th and 7th grade advisories please report to the gym. 

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