Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday January 29, 2016

Good morning Academy! May I have your attention please?      Thank you!

Today is Friday January 29, 2016

The periods today are 2 through 6

Lunch will be available for students who want it after school when we get out at 12:30.


After school club ultimate frisbee players: There is an ultimate team meeting today after school in the portable.  If you are planning on playing on the after school ultimate frisbee team you must come to the meeting to receive information about upcoming tournaments and practices.  See you there!


GOLD Students who are attending the field trip need to report to the gym IMMEDIATELY after school. Please leave items you don't need in your locker and get your lunch quickly so that we can leave as soon as possible. 

Our next intramural lunch time sport is ultimate frisbee. Today is the last day to sign up. So make sure to sign up before the end of the if you are interested.

You and your families are invited to watch our production of The Giver. Next Friday and Saturday at 7pm. 

Thank you to all of the boys who tried out this week. The boys basketball roster will be posted tomorrow.

Thank you and have a fabulous Friday! 

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