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Friday News! 2/24

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Nora Bullock
School Director
Indoor Soccer!!
Join us for the second session next week.  No advance sign up is needed and all ability levels are welcome! Come to the gym on:
Wed 3/1 @ 6:30-7:30
Family/Teacher Conferences
Our second round of family/teacher conferences are coming up in a few weeks.  The Wednesday and Thursdaywill be half days for students and the Friday will be a full non-student day.  More details to come.

Wed, Thur, Fri, March 8th, 9th, and 10th.
Family Bingo Night
More details coming soon, but mark your calendars!

Fri, March 17th @ 6:00-7:30
1st Annual Walkathon
More details to come soon but mark your calendars for:

Fri, 3/31
Dear Families,
And just like that we are almost two thirds of the way through the school year!  We have a lot of great events coming up (Family/Teacher Conferences, Family Bingo Night, and our first annual Walkathon, to name a few), and I look forward to seeing you all on campus soon.

Today, in your child's green folder, you should have received a copy of the family/teacher conference schedule.  Please review it carefully and contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!

ONLINE Summer School and Summer Camp Registration

In the last few weeks, letters have gone home announcing both our summer school and summer camp programs.  However, I realize that paper communication is not necessarily the most convenient and I've therefore created two separate online registration forms.  If you've already sent in your paper registration, there is no need to do it again online.

Please carefully read the following and select the appropriate link to register your child for summer programs at AoA:
  • If your child was invited to participate in summer school, please click here to register him/her for summer school and/or summer camp.
  • If your child was not invited to participate in summer school, and you would like to register him/her for summer camp, please click here.
If you have any questions or concerns about either program, feel free to contact me directly at or (510) 748-4017 x3100.  We want to create summer programming that works for your child and your family, and I am happy to discuss any specific needs that you might have.

Walkathon on March 31st!

We are very excited to be launching what we are hoping will be an annual community building and fund raising event.  The walkathon is intended to bring the whole school together around the common purpose of raising money for a play structure, but there are multiple ways to be involved beyond the fundraising itself.  Please click here for a letter about the event that went out at last week's Science Fair.  More details to come next week!

Facility Update

AUSD has given us their initial offer of space for 2017-18, and, as predicted, it's a mixed bag of news.  This time, rather than going after the space owed to the elementary school, they've targeted the middle school.  I won't go into the details of they're calculations vs ours, but the bottom line is that AUSD is trying to force us--the organization of AoA--into the same foot print we occupy this year by taking away classrooms from the middle school and giving them to the elementary school.  This, as you can imagine, is not only impractical and impossible to implement, but it is also--we believe--illegal.  However, we remain optimistic that the District is using their offer as a starting point for a negotiation that will ultimately lead (either this year or next) to a long term lease on the facility.  Those of you who were with us last year remember that the facility negotiations are a long, drawn-out process that involve a lot of back-and-forth on both sides.  Thus, while their offer of space may feel like a step toward the end of the process, we are actually still very much in the midst of it all.  I will keep you updated as things evolve.  

Hiring Update

We are deep into applications, interviews, and demo lessons, and I am very happy to report that we've had quite a few excellent candidates come through the doors already--several of whom are referrals from our current teachers.  I will wait until the ink is dry to make any official announcements, but we are very close with a few candidates, and I look forward to welcoming them into our community. 

Odds and Ends
February Lunch Menu.  Find it here.

Storytelling at Pixar.  Khan Academy has partnered with Pixar to create a sequence of lessons on storytelling and how stories are developed at Pixar.  I've only watched a few of the videos but they're super interesting.

AoA Family Facebook Group.  Click here to join!  The AoA Families Group is an excellent way to connect with other families and stay up-to-date with everything that's going on.

Help Us Win a Playground.  Click here to enter the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes.  You can enter once a day.

Nora Bullock
The Academy of Alameda Elementary School

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