Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Good morning Academy! May I have your attention please?   Thank You!

ay is Tuesday October 11, 2016

The periods today are 6, 1, 2, 7, 3, 4

Today's lunch options include:
Beef  Teriyaki
BBQ Chicken
Bean and Cheese Burrito
Beef Meatball Hoagie

Students please make sure that your cell phones are off and put away.

It is now time for our dress code check. Students please remove your outer wear so that your teacher can check that you are in dress code. 

Teachers please send down any students who are not in dress code.

Today our flag football game is between Team Robert and Team Andrei. Students on those teams please make sure to grab your lunches quickly and report to the yard by 12:50. 

Yearbooks are on sale and there is a special deal this week! Until this Friday you can get up to four free icons. Any questions check your AoA emails for details.

There is no after school art this week. So if you are a 6th grader who takes after school art with Mr Peterson you do NOT have class today or Thursday. 

We will be cleaning out and donating the things in the lost and found this Friday. If you have lost a jacket or anything else please check the lost and found before we donate it all. 

Thank you and have a terrific Tuesday!

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